Manažérske výcvikové hry 4 Pencil and Paper Games


• Cards with anagrams on pinned around the room

• Pen and paper player player or per team

There are so many variations that you can try with this, for example books of the Bible, rivers, towns, famous people.

Cub 2000 (Art Consequences)

• A sheet of paper fanfolded into 6 sections per team

• A pen or pencil per team

The cubs or beavers sit in a circle in their six. The sixer is given the fan folded sheet of paper and a pen. The rest of the six close their eyes, this makes the final result more fun. The sixer then draws on the first section, a hat suitable to be worn by a scout in the 21st century. Paper is passed onto the next cub who draws the head on the second section. This is continued with the shoulders body legs and feet. Open out the paper at the end to see the strange 21st century cub that the six have drawn.


• Paper

• A pen or pencil per team

This is a game which has been commercialized in the UK. One member from each patrol comes up to the scout leader, who whispers a word or phrase to them. The patrol member then goes back to his patrol and attempts to draw on a sheet of paper, what the scout leader said. They are not allowed to give clues by actions, speech or writing. The first patrol to guess correctly win the point.


• A set of time tables per team

• Paper and pens per team

• A prepared set of destinations and arrival times

If you go to a couple of your local travel agents, you should be able to pick up some airline flight time tables. If you have four patrols then you will need five copies all the same, one for the leader and one for each of the patrols. You have to make up a list of destinations and times that you would like to arrive there. Put in some interesting ones that will need flight changes and different airports. You could also throw in things like certain flights only going on certain days. You could if you prefer, use railway or bus time tables, but airlines will give you more exotic destinations. This is a good training game for teaching the youngsters how to read and use time tables.

Word Puzzle

From: Alastair Honeybun

• A pencil per player

• Paper per player

Each of the players is given a piece of paper on which he draws nine squares, 3 x 3. They take turns at calling out a letter, and each player must put the letter in any one of his nine squares. As the letter is called, it can be put down only once, but the same letter may be called more than once. The object of the game is to place the letters so they will make as many three-letter words vertically and horizontally as possible.

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