The Island Game – Linric

You travelled with your group from your home on a ship, unfortunately your ship wrecked. Luckily all could be rescued and landed safely on a nearby island. The following things were taken along before the ship sank on the life raft:

1 Compass
300 yards of rope
3 Knifes (big) & 2 pocket knifes
1 Radio
5 Blankets
3 Lighters
1 Canister of drinking water (100 Liter)
1 Ax
2 Saws

You were on the south pacific ocean when the ship sank. The island where you stranded is not populated, but densely wooded. You have come across animal tracks, but you do not know what kind of animals are living on the island. It is hot during daytime and the nights are cold.

You are from Linric, a beautiful and fertile tropic country. You fell close to earth and enjoy the wonders of nature. You live in harmony with nature and environment. All around the year there is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. You never have to plan ahead. You enjoy live as it passes by.

It is expected of all humans to show maturity, ie to be calm and controlled and treat others with respect. You avoid direct eye contact, since it is a sign of hostility and disrespect. A slight inclination of your head signals friendship or respect.

The people of Linric are in the habit of intensive community live. The whole community congregates when problems arise, which have to be solved. One of the oldest leads the discussion, in which everyone gets to speak. Decissions are made by consents. Most of the work and activities are done in the group.

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