To find out the names of other members in the group

To provide low risk activity

To stimulate logical thought


A game to help group members learn each other’s names


The group could be sitting on the floor. The teacher enters the group and introduces the game by saying, „None of us knows any other’s name. Let’s play a game that will help us find them out. My name is Tom, I am going on a world trip and I am taking Tomatoes with me. If you want to come with me you have, to say your first name and what you want to bring. You have to bring the right thing. The first letter of our first name must be the first letter of the thing you bring.

The game proceeds until everyone can come.

At the end of the game the teacher asks each student two questions.

„How many names can you remember?“

„Which are they?“


Could take one session


This activity would be best used at the initial meeting of the group.

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